Based in Leeds, UK and founded in June 2019. Our mission is to build a university-wide platform for students, academics and external organisations to collaborate, innovate and shape the future of Extended Reality.
The ultimate goal for this society is to bring students from different courses, skillsets and passions together to build immersive experiences that create a positive change in society. We will be using virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies to create projects that can be used to shape the future of education, medicine, design, geography, computing, psychology, engineering, business and more. We deem it very important to work closely with external organisations and academics throughout the events we hold.
We will work to fill the skills gap in the technological/digital field and encourage contacts to be made with future employers. We want to be a go-to hub and resource for researchers/lecturers wanting to do AR/VR research at the university.
Leeds XR Society aims to be a powerhouse for innovation and a bridge between academia and industry. In future, we want our society’s model to be replicated across other university’s as the importance of XR for students is realised.